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Silver is by far the most conductive metal on Earth. Copper is a close second! This is because silver and copper only have one valence electron, which is free to move around with little resistance. As a result, both copper and silver are fantastic electric and thermal conductors.

What it entails for cookware is that the heat coming from the heat source will not heat the cookware locally (from where the fire hits, typically a spot in the bottom) but wherever the heat source hits the silver / copper product from will not matter as the heat will travel all over the cookware including the walls and the lid to radiate the heat inside just like an oven would do it.

Practically that means that if the copper and silver are thick enough, no hot-spots can ever form on copper and silver cookware items, even on top of the highest BTU’s of industrial stoves, meaning the pan / pot will be naturally non-stick.

The absence of hot-spots due to perfect heat distribution will also come much in handy when cooking very sensible material that would burn rather quickly (finely chopped vegetables, rice dishes or butter for example) as one will not have to constantly stir, since all parts will be cooked equally – as opposed to inside a steel pan /pot, if not stirred heavily, one part will burn while another part will stay uncooked.

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